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Reviews from Thumbtack

"​I began taking lessons from Sam after reading the positive reviews on his profile. After a couple weeks, I've seen major improvements in my voice quality, breathing technique, and vocal dynamics ....Sam's very knowledgeable in all aspects of music, and his experience with soul, jazz, blues, and contemporary music really resonates. I believe what makes Sam an amazing teacher is his ability to connect with his students - he's very passionate about teaching and he makes it his goal to take his students to the very top. I trust in Sam to help me reach my goal because I know that Sam trusts in me.

If singing is your passion, I highly encourage you
to take lessons from Sam -

he will help you find your voice!"

- Gurpreet S. (American Idol 2013 Season 12 Top 40 finalist)


"I had experience doing musical theatre in the past, but no proper training. After just the first few weeks of lessons, I noticed both a change in the tone-quality of my voice, as well as an increase in my range. Through his vocal warm ups, Sam does a spectacular job in explaining the importance of resonance and sound placement. I thoroughly enjoy going to lessons every week."

- Gabby C.


"...What I like about Sam is that he takes you step by step. I really thank him for giving me great tips to reaching those high and low notes. My voice is changing and I can really feel the difference."

- Beverly E. 


"Our 10 year old daughter started taking lessons from Sam about 5 months ago. We knew she had a beautiful voice and loved to sing, but didn't know what to expect. I have to say we are very impressed. Just after the first couple of lessons she was gaining confidence and singing stronger...Sam is funny and puts my daughter as ease and at the same time challenges her each session...He has helped her, supported her, and challenged her and we couldn't be happier."

- Amie F.





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