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El  Melody's Mission

EL is the abbreviation for ‘Eternal Love,’ which is God’s love.

EL Melody, founded by Sam Shin, is rooted in the following mission: “To teach music that flows from God’s love, and to teach how to make music with a purpose of loving this generation.”


At EL Melody, we specialize in Voice instruction. Founded upon a simple goal to spread God’s love to all, EL Melody focuses on fostering the best of every student by understanding their needs and desires. We focus on building a strong musical and spiritual foundation. Our highly skilled and passionate instructors accommodate people of all ages, backgrounds, goals, and experiences. This approach allows every student to be equipped for their musical success and sense of fulfillment.


EL Melody firmly believes that music is the antidote that will change society, community, and the world, beginning with the sound of every artist. 

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